Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency-style is back in a big way. Made popular by designers in the 1930's, Hollywood Regency is defined by opulent fabrics (velvets, chenille), large and detailed furniture (tufted sofas), elaborate lighting, and pops of color. Antiques lend an authenticity to this style that's tough to replicate with reproductions or new pieces. Without some 'age', the extravagance of this style can quickly move from lovely to tacky. So look for an antique dresser or mid-century buffet table to lend some personality to your decor...anything goes with this design aesthetic!

This wallpaper and rug are wonderfully complimentary

Grey, white and yellow look fabulous together


DESIGN: Friday-New Jersey

I have a love affair with blue and brown. In fact, my whole house could be and may be completely decorated in varying shades of these two colors. Blue in the bathroom, a rich chocolate brown in the bedroom, soft tan in the foyer...add white trim and you have my whole color palette. This New Jersey home was featured in House Beautiful. Of course, I'm crazy about the color choices. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Love these antique pressed leaves...and the blue wallpaper, too!

Great clock and sidetable

Photos from House Beautiful

DESIGN: Friday-San Francisco

As previously mentioned, white furniture isn't practical for me because I have two lovable, yet furry, black Labradors. This San Francisco townhouse looks great in all white...but I'm assuming they don't have dogs like mine climbing on the furniture. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

What a great way to display/hang a coat!
Photos from Country Living


Dwell Studio Fabrics

I've long admired Dwell Studio for it's great designs and patterns. In collaboration with textile company Robert Allen, Dwell offers a terrific collection of fabrics for sale on their website ( I'm trying to decide between the following fabrics to re-upholster a Victorian settee that I picked up curbside in my neighborhood. Which do you like best? Be sure to check out the Dwell Studio website, too.

Love these yellow colors...

...especially paired with grey accent pillows.

My settee looks similar to this; time for a modern refresh!
Photos from Dwell Studio and Google